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9 Responses to FRIENDLY FOXES

  1. Erin Anderson-White Face says:

    I just get the biggest kick out of these guys!

  2. Beverly Kaser says:

    A fascinating and sly animal. The babies especially adorable!!! Thank you so much for your diversified photography!!!

  3. Beverly Kaser says:

    A fascinating and sly animal. The baby foxes are especially adorable!!! Thank you ,Phil, for your diversified photography!!!

  4. paaron1 says:

    Beve, thanks for your comment Stay healty

  5. Dottie says:

    Did the little one get out of the drainage pipe? Great shots of wildlife
    finding city spots to live and play!

  6. paaron1 says:

    Dottie, thanks for commenting. The pack lives in that drainage system and I have not seen the kids much

  7. linda watkins says:

    What fun to find them! I love your photos. Your walks are so much better for us. We are tired of sweeping, walking around the block. Who wants to look for a lost item that you know is in your home, We will be happily distracted through your lens.

  8. paaron1 says:

    Linda, great to hear from you and thanks for your comment. Glad you are distracted by my photos.It keeps me sane.

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