A Tribute to Melinda

A dozen New Horizons Band members attended funeral services today for Melinda Jacobs, 67 year old flute player, who struggled with cancer for the last two years.

Two beautiful flute solos and other songs played by NHB members were much appreciated by those in attendance.

Melinda was an active member of the NHB senior adult band in addition to her interest in quilting and sailing.

The preacher reminded us that we will one day die also and called to my mind  the fleeting quality of live music. Unlike art that can be hung on a wall, once the notes are played, music flies off into space never to be heard again except in our mind.

That b flat tuning note has an instantaneous life and then is gone. A live concert is performed once. Those vibrations are launched off into space where they may go on forever!

It makes one think about the need to play every note and every song well since this moment is the only chance to feel the beauty of this musical moment.

I guess the same can be said of Melinda!

2 Responses to A Tribute to Melinda

  1. Suzanne Edwards says:

    Thank you – I was unable to hear all the minister said at the beginning. I am glad our music was an inspirational moment for all. Enjoyed our time of sharing today at lunch. Take care, Suzanne

    • paaaron1 says:

      Suzanne, your flute solos were a beautiful tribute to Melinda since you both had the same teacher and were both in the NHB. thanks much

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